Guy Freedom English – “Forged by Fire” – stunning guitar motifs and unrelenting vocals!

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A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Guy Freedom English handles all the playing and production for his music. Starting out with a 4 track he’s upgraded to an 8 track and uses no computer programs of any kind to capture the raw live feel of an actual band. Originally from Detroit, MI and relocated to Brookings, SD, Guy has played countless shows across the mid-west. Since 2017, he has released 4 albums and 7 singles, and has just dropped his fourth album “Forged by Fire”.

Guy Freedom English solo project is really one of the best you’ll hear in authentic hard rock today. And it’s not just his guitar playing. He is a very capable vocalist and an even better songwriter. This new album really blew me away with the creativity, energy and song-craft. There literally is not a single throwaway track on this album. This man deserves awards and sold out arenas. He really is like a fine wine, and just keeps getting better.

Guy’s fiery guitar shines through with a refined brilliance, from track one – “Strange Land”. His real strength may simply be that he uses his natural talent to full effect: presentation, arrangement and quality of songwriting all sound like the work of a consummate professional. His songs tend to grow on you slowly; their genius is subtle, becoming more obvious with repeated listening.

The music is expansive; full of edgy atmospheres, and crushing guitars, and more than a hint of classic hard rock song structures. The songs on “Forged by Fire” ring with an underlying majesty and depth of feeling. You’ll want to hear them more than once, starting with the balls to the wall “Bangkok Woman” with its flurry of wailing guitars and anthemic vocals.

The title track, “Forged By Fire” leaks out of the speakers and swirls and whirls around the room. The vocals and lyrics soar above the waves of music. If guitar rock was supposed to be a little passé, no one told Guy Freedom English, because he is firing on all cylinders with some solid riffing and shredding.

He comes out of the blocks with a vengeance on “We Are One”. The key to enjoying this song lies in the balanced musicianship, raw production and clear payoffs. First of all, the real stars of the show, reveal themselves to be the drums, and guitar work. Both showcase a chemistry that’s masterful.

Everything on this album sounds as if it’s the perfect amount of heaviness, which gives it purpose and power. “Six Shots By Moonlight” weaves all the elements together in a perfect package, showcasing a powerful blend of technicality and metallic grit.

There’s no losing patience over self-indulgence or pretentious meandering here. Just immensely masterful entries of hard rock and metal flavors. “When There’s No Tears Left To Cry”, may just be the best of the bunch, with its excellent catchy vocal, blazing guitar work and driving style of music.

“System Overload” is epic, confident, well-written and showcases the lusciously layered guitars which jam out with a feeling of energy and immediacy. “Unholy” closes the show exactly as it started, with stunning guitar motifs and unrelenting vocals.

More importantly, Guy Freedom English delivery of the lyrics is as emotive as he’s ever been; and not because, he’s changed his overall approach to singing, but he’s simply become far more masterful at applying it.

“Forged by Fire” is undeniable proof that whilst the rock and metal genres appear to be in their twilight years, they are still capable of producing an album of such stellar quality that everything else seems moot. Guy Freedom English makes absolutely no compromises in doing what he does. And as such, his star continues on an increasingly upward trajectory.



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