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Born and raised in Elizabeth NJ, Omega Alpha has been writing and producing music for over 20 years, and has grown and evolved exponentially during this time. His poetry, artistry, and musicality shine on his latest track “I Can’t Breath”, while the political and social messages, which are open to listener interpretation, at the very least, engender deep consideration of the troubled world as it exists today. Powerful, urgent, angry, sensitive, this is his best sonic effort yet.

Omega Alpha is one of the more conscious and intelligent urban artists around the underground movement. I realize that this is, at the very least, a rather bold statement. However, if you at all familiar with his songs, I don’t believe you will disagree.

Please note that this statement deals not only with the world of hip-hop and spoken word, which, if I suppose you have a personal need to categorize musicians,  genres in which you would place his music, but with modern music as a whole.

Omega Alpha lyrics are confrontational when he wants them to be, but always very intelligent and well thought out. His musical constructs and orchestration defy categorization. He is clearly a devout Christian, because you can catch an occasional yet undeniable underlying faith in, and reverence for God in his music.

Omega Alpha pushes the boundaries on social and political commentary in “I Can’t Breath”. The beat creeps into your pulse, engulfing his powerful spoken-word-style lyrics. Every bar on this track brings to light the police brutality issue – from social activism and protest, to justice. Listeners can have a moment of thought-provoking reflection here. The intensity of this track can come off as harsh – going hand-in-hand with his lyrics.

This track encompasses artistic expression with raw socio-political frustrations of our times. The concept and delivery of “I Can’t Breath” evokes a strong emotional response – making the listener inspired, uncomfortable, angry, or contemplative.

Omega Alpha is not just appealing to the masses here; rather, he is making his point well heard. This track is for everyone; it is something you’ll feel pumped up to in the morning when you get ready. As well as being something to dive into if you’re ready for a strong musical and lyrical ride.

“I Can’t Breath” is poised to awaken our own consciousness and make the listener think. Omega Alpha pens social commentary aimed arrow-like at those who threaten our civil rights and liberties.

The accessible feel to this track is by no means symptomatic of the artist losing his acutely focused quest to shine a light on injustices. And you can rest assured there is plenty of ire in the aggressive groove. Lyrically dexterous as ever, Omega Alpha takes a sanguine approach to those he opposes on the George Floyd issue.

Omega Alpha has focused his sharp eye on the political rather than the personal on “I Can’t Breath”. From its conception, the music has been made for the people: it speaks for every negative facet of discriminating experiences with law enforcement officers.

Music with something to say is still out there; you just have to know where to look for it. With “I Can’t Breath”, and his previous project, “My City”, Omega Alpha has made it a little easier to find.



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