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Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, Americana artist, Charlie Barrale, one half of the duo Public Display of Affection, formed with his wife, is set to release he brand new single “For Me”, which describes his incredible love story, and in a way represents a ray of uplifting light in what has been a troublesome time on a global scale. Charlie met Julia in 2017 at the release of his debut solo album, “Different Than Before”, and began dating a year later. They soon formed PDA (Public Display of Affection) and started touring together almost immediately, traveling to 34 states in 2 years.

“I knew from the first time we kissed that she was the one,” says Charlie Barrale. “We got married in August of 2020 and are about to celebrate our first anniversary together. In a short period of time I went from being a bachelor living alone in Dallas TX playing solo shows, to a husband, a duo partner, a bonus dad (to an awesome 5 year old), and a soon to be girl dad (she’s due in November),” he concludes.

Charlie Barrale, who has also lived between Dallas TX and Phoenix AZ, says he spent a lot of time looking within during the 2020 lockdown and pulled out a lot of new music to share with the world. “For Me”, sounds like a damn good place to start.

Since the release of his debut album, Charlie been making a name for himself. Gifted with masterful songwriting and a powerful voice, Barrale knows how to write an affecting song and drive home its emotions with his distinctive vocals.

With his new single, “For Me”, Charlie Barrale has truly mastered his craft, tugging at heartstrings and penetrating souls, with the gritty instrumental and his soaring mellifluous vocals. “And we danced and we sang, and we spent that night making memories, of what became our first date. Our first kiss, changed everything, for me,” sings Charlie, demonstrating the power of his lyrics and vocals.

Though lushly layered, the instrumental mix and production of the song, allows the listener to focus on Charlie Barrale’s storytelling, enhancing the emotional effect of his lyrics.

In the non-vocal segments the electric guitar adds some fitting dynamics to the country-rock atmosphere. In fact there’s more of a hard-edged, rock note to this record that stops it from stepping into saccharine territory, which it could so easily have fallen victim to.

Popular country or folk music – more than most other genres –  run the risk of getting mired in drippy sentimentalism. The magic of Charlie Barrale’s performance is that he can make such a well-trodden idea like sentimental love seem wholly original and revelatory, as his lyrics develop organically alongside the instrumentation.

An artist who needs no frills, Charlie Barrale succeeds on the strength of his vocals and his songwriting. Few artists are still able to do that in the today’s music scene, but Charlie makes it look easy with “For Me”.


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