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Europe’s unheralded EDM and Música urbana king, DEEPSYSTEM follows his chart-topping hits with another celebration of his musical talents on the single, “Looking for Love”, which once again reveals his rich musical DNA. The track reimagines the classic Latino rhythm within a passionate love song, and paints a clear picture of what you’re about to get into from the start: “I’ve been looking all over. I’m looking for love. I’ve been looking for more and you bring more than enough.” The track introduces a veritable syllabus for the distinctly Latino genre of Reggaeton. DEEPSYSTEM is a ground-shifting artist in this genre, as he is able to blend it into EDM and pop flavors almost effortlessly.

Lyrically, “Looking for Love” is a lovesick mid-tempo ballad oozing with drama. DEEPSYSTEM is such a competent interpreter within this genre that his gravitational pull is strong enough to shape the sound of Reggaeton with his own twist on each new release. Something he pulls off again with this new single. It’s a monumentally generous performance, evidence of humility and star power that makes DEEPSYSTEM one of the most beloved artists in his genre, in Europe.

Just hearing the name DEEPSYSTEM ignites joy and adoration in the hearts of many. Singer, songwriter Socoliuc Andrei Marian, and orchestrator and mixing/mastering engineer, Murariu Andrei Ionut are at the core of DEEPSYSTEM’s success. Like me, all lovers of their music, can testify that there is something truly special about them and their art. DEEPSYSTEM is an innovator, a true talent and a proud artist who aims to be genuine both in his music and himself.

DEEPSYSTEM’s ability to adapt his romantic and passionate persona is why he may even be regarded as a sex symbol. He combines his attractiveness with his musical persona and his music’s sensuality and passion, which pushes his appeal to the next level on “Looking for Love”. His way of embracing his image is another element to be appreciated. Songs like this strike a chord in the hearts of many and will be played continuously regardless of the listener’s age.

“Looking for Love” emphasizes DEEPSYSTEM’s everlasting impact on the modern music scene, as he continues to take the genre to horizons other independent artists have failed to reach. Today, as the world collectively opens its ears to other Latin genres, Reggaeton continues to be omnipresent in the global charts, and DEEPSYSTEM has blended this style into his electronic aesthetic on a constant basis, giving it a smother subtler touch.

Built on the uncluttered interplay of voice, percussion and keys, DEEPSYSTEM uses a delicate mellifluous tone to emphasize his theme of romance and longing on “Looking for Love”. DEEPSYSTEM has been making us fall in love with his songs for quite a while now, and with the release of his latest single, he has become something even greater. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to the song, and watch the video.


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