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LOS ANGELES – Recently Heartour announced the release of the single, “Brain”, providing both empathy and relief amongst the COVID-19 crisis. The song exposes the overwhelming unrest of anxiety with a holistic surge of endorphins cast in a buzzing neon glow. The single, out April 13, is off the album, R U IN, and was mixed by Tony Hoffer (Metric, Beck, & M83). The album is due out May 22.

The synth-driven daydream, “Brain,” showcases what so many are feeling right now: that as the world’s fears and anxieties are amplified through uncertainty and unrest, it can also get in the way of clear thought. Jason Young explains how those fears can overshadow the present, explaining “I have had many times in my life where the thoughts in my brain have paralyzed me from getting through normal day to day life.”

It’s been nine years since Young released his fourth and most recent album as Heartour, but the intervening years have produced anything but downtime. Young’s other project, The Ruse, opened for Muse on three separate world tours.

When the band took a hiatus shortly thereafter, Young decided it was time to go back into the studio and create something personal once again, and the dynamic electronic soundscape of the upcoming album R U IN was born.


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