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Matt Kent is a canny songwriter, and his single “Flatline”, is a sign that he also knows how to translate that talent into delectable, meticulous pop. Matt began writing songs on the piano when he was 5 years old. The artist, who also plays the violin, cello, and flute, knew from his early school days that he wanted music to be his vocation. Matt, who draws from his personal experiences when writing, uses his music as a tool to work through his fears, and help lay roots to his dreams. He’s a featured and sponsored artist by Warm Audio, and is currently managed and being produced by Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production.

In fact, the brand new single, “Flatline”, was created and developed virtually, between Dante Lattanzi’s recording studio Caelum Music Production, and Matt Kent who has been situated in a different city during this pandemic and social distancing.

Dante produced, mixed and mastered the song.  Matt would send vocals stems to Dante, and they were able to create the track virtually. This song was inspired by the current pandemic and the things we take for granted while in isolation.

Even though Matt Kent is still relatively young, at age 22, his self-assured songwriting earns him this mid-tempo, worldly-wise composition. Matt is meticulous, and his commitment to the music is ruthless.

His single-minded devotion resulting in a reflective, soul-searching song, which Dante Lattanzi transforms into a subtly rich, and comfortable organic sound. Together with Matt’s emotive and agile voice, the heart-prodding verses and the titanic choruses, the song evolves into a beacon of personal and artful expression.

On “Flatline”, the musicality is sharp, the message is profound, and the music is impeccably produced. It elicits bursts of pleasure and elation, in a time that is anything but.

The production gives Matt Kent plenty of room to flex his vocal prowess and amplifies it with every ounce of gloss and sparkle a state-of-the-art recording studio can muster, without dulling the immediate candor of the song. Clearly, this piece of work should propel the perfect-pitched, golden-voiced singer on an upward trajectory.

Apart from his aforementioned talents, authenticity and honesty, go a long way for Matt Kent on “Flatline”. They make his narrative sound even more compelling, and add an extra dynamic to his already enviable vocal tones.

So you also have to give Matt credit for exhibiting personality, not just incredible vocal cords and words. “Flatline” is an inspired jaunt which displays the sparkling chemistry between Matt and Dante. It provides Matt with the chance to show off many facets of his outstanding talent.

“Flatline” is first and foremost, a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. This is a song of genuine intent, full of poignant reflections on life – the past, the present, and the future. It’s got heart. And it’s delivered by an extremely talented individual, who lends “Flatline” an air of authenticity which is sorely missing from the vacuous and overtly fickle music released by many of his contemporaries. And that’s plenty for starters.


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