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Hailing from the inner city of Youngstown, Ohio’s Southside, Jessie “J.Drive” grew up in a small apartment in a violent neighborhood without his natural mother or father.  At a very young age he realized that his natural affinity for basketball and Hip-hop music would become the tools necessary to pave his way to a more comfortable lifestyle.  Despite the tragic events that ended his hoop dreams, Jessie’s understanding of what it takes to make the best of his gifts regardless of circumstances is what has brought him thus far. Currently he is pushing his latest single called “Untitled”.

In his latest studio release, J.Drive showers the auditory canvas with musical ideas of different tints and tones. “Untitled” shows how far the artist has come in his career quest. This is an amazing piece that feels incredibly genuine. The backing is dynamic and ear-catching without overshadowing J.Drive’s fiery flow. The track does an awesome job of showing his relentless high energy style and his charismatic delivery.

The forward-driving production of “unTitled” keeps the perpetual rhythm in vogue, and allows J.Drive to prove his high musical ability. Not only is he capable of running through the ceaseless verses with perfect breathless accuracy, but in this project, J.Drive challenges himself by incorporating many different harmonic and rhythmic elements. Thus making this a lush dynamic template. The implacable arrangement leaves little room for reflection as the pace of J.Drive’s rhymes keeps the listener engaged and wanting more.

“unTitled” actually lived up to the heightened expectations I had created for some reason.  J.Drive leans back into the core of a voice, capturing its essence with a scintillating vibrancy and maturity.

There’s an immediately natural ease with which the rapper commands his voice, one that feels strengthened by a sudden worldliness and understanding. Just when you think it can’t get any more exciting, J.Drive drives the song along like nothing else, while the bass hooks hit so fat that you’ll be overcome with energy.

Though it shifts pretty aggressively with its skittering hi-hats, the sense of the chorus that surrounds the pounding drums really evolves the song into a melodic roller-coaster. Every chorus will have you chanting along, and the growing urgency in the tones shows J.Drive is ready to move hip hop into another new direction.

Going into the final moments of the record, J.Drive is just as hungry, bringing out an incessant flow. Overall, the joyful production of the song is complemented with intoxicating melodies and commanding vocals.

As a whole, “unTitled” showcases J.Drive’s attempt at becoming a renaissance artist. He succeeds in every aspect, make an energetic and melodic track. The variety of tones in the recording makes for a unique listening experience.

It’s refreshing to see an artist come at a track from all angles, it takes a few listens to not be distracted by all of the elements he has put into this record. “unTitled” makes for a groovy high riding single that will no doubt be savored during the summer, and be noteworthy in J.Drive’s career.


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