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There’s nothing quite like the rush of connecting with a great new artist — especially ahead of the pack — but they’re not always easy to find. Music’s increasing DIY culture has left the market saturated with bands and soloists gunning for the big-time, making it that much more difficult for newcomers to breakout. Presenting her dreamy and reflective indie-pop sound, 15 year old Lilla Tillo is ready to take over your playlists and have you feeling in some kind of way. Stripping back the production, Lilla delivers a raw, organic and acoustic backdrop with rich vocal harmonies on her single, “Just A Dream” that will transport you to a reflective headspace. It really allows you to enter her world and get to know her on a deeper level, but also still allows you to interpret her narrative in your own emotional way.

Her lyrics are eloquent and wise beyond her years. “It’s not like it’s funny. I know you’re mad, but the smile on my face stays. What I think is funny, is that I’m kinda glad that I’m not bothered getting blamed. This place is on fire, and I’m by myself. I keep adding to the open flame. I’m kinda tired and no-one helps. I’m kinda thinking I can slip away. What if I fall asleep, will these hands fall out under me. If this is just a dream, why is it everything I need.” The lyrics have a deeper meaning than what the minimalistic music portrays it to be.

Despite being so young, Lilla Tillo already has a very distinct atmosphere in her tones as well as an incredibly passionate streak, which she underplays with tons of subtlety. It’s so easy to get entranced in the slow-burning momentum of this song that you will just want to keep in playing on a loop.

While “Just A Dream” can be loosely grouped with recent innovative alt-pop tracks from a variety of creative female artists, Lilla Tillo is following a different path. Where her more famous contemporaries and peers blend discordant, confrontational sounds with electronic pop, and twist melodies into intricate shapes, Lilla’s music is more grounded, and drenched with acoustic textures that sound more accessible and intimately personal.

My guess is that Lilla Tillo shines the brightest when she’s left to her own devices. An incredibly talented songwriter and a remarkably gifted vocalist, there’s nothing really that she can’t do, and she put this package together by herself, just to prove it.

Her beautifully simple and understated production, affirms that her vision is aimed towards her own lane, and is two steps away from the bombast and beat of her peers. The maturity she shows on “Just A Dream” is evident right from the start.

There can be no doubt that Lilla Tillo’s storytelling is her most uniquely powerful tool. Her songs are made for listening to on repeat, because listening to Lilla is like listening to your best friend talk about all the things that she is experiencing.

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