Don T’Ville – “My Time” holds nothing back!

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Don T’Ville is a hardworking unsigned artist out of East Memphis, Tn. He currently has 3 mixtapes out, as well as a series of releases on all major digital platforms. If there was any lingering doubt that Memphis was experiencing a full-on hip-hop renaissance, the past two years erased all that. They were filled with the arrival of several bright new stars, various viral sensations and next-level jumps. Don T’Ville is one of those artists looking to build his brand and keep the city’s musical momentum going. He got up and running with the banger “Work” ft. Fi Fella, and is now consolidating his ambition with the single “My Time”.

Don T’Ville on the Charts

The sound that currently epitomizes the Memphis region is simultaneously homage to its sonic predecessors and modern adaptations to that early style’s descendants. Don T’Ville takes the sum of those elements and twists them into his own personal groove on “My Time”. Don T’Ville slippery delivery, laser cut punchlines, and smirking charisma make him a breakout candidate and above all, an apt representation of the East Memphis personality.

Don T’Ville is much more than able rapper. A run through his catalog showcases that he can make club hits, he can make tough street rap, he has top-notch confidence when he raps, he can make catchy hooks, and most importantly, with the release of “My Time”, he’s proven that he can make a hard-hitting, self-empowering body-of-work.

Don T’Ville is the latest southern rapper that I believe we may mistakenly underrate severely if we don’t pay attention. In my opinion, he has an uncanny ability to hit us with lyrics that bridge the gap between wise and trill. He also understands how to come across like an artist that is passionate about where he comes from, inspired by where he wants to go, and ecstatic about living in the moment.

When Don T’Ville raps on “My Time”, you feel like you’re listening to a man on a serious grind. “I know I said I promised, but right now I ain’t got time. I got money on my mind. I’m too focused on my grind,” spits Don T’Ville. You get a unique mix of passionate, smooth, and explosive bars.

Don T’Ville

“My Time” holds nothing back. The beat is gorgeously produced in a gritty, piano-driven style that seems to seamlessly stream well with Don T’Ville’s, unforgiving lyricism. The rapper however dominates the song with his usual style of flow and attention to detail.

Don T’Ville never stops working as he’s trying to grow more as an artist. He keeps it 100 with his music, dropping the wisdom he has learned along the pathway he is creating for himself. The East Memphis rapper is getting ready to effectively go from being an underground rapper to a more well-known presence and with “My Time”, he shows he intends to keep it that way.

The track’s purpose is to shine a light on Don T’Ville’s grind, and it does so comfortably. His deft wordplay and dynamic hooks take center stage, as he rocks through the bold and braggadocious banger with confidence and charisma.

You can view and subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE as well as follow and find out more about Don T’Ville at the links below:


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