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Rapper Tre Digga is based out of Calgary Canada, while his roots were planted in Trinidad. The artist who recently started his own music label called Digg It ENT., is currently pushing his mixtape “Qwarantine Muzik”. Tre Digga’s wordplay is what sets him apart from the seeming glut of singsong rappers, as he fills each verse with colorful imagery delivered with almost urgent metaphors. His word choices feel fresh, original and effortless. Much of that fully-formed package can be credited to Tre’s crystal-clear voice, which swaps the drugged-out drawls of his contemporaries for sharper inflections that are always satisfying to listen to, regardless of what lanes they’re exploring.

“Qwarantine Muzik” is a raw, hungry mixtape. Browsing through the tracks, the lane that Tre Digga champions can tap into both the catchy passion of the best pop music and the relatable striving of the best rap music without diluting the spirit of either style. On “You Know” he comes out of gate with a steady syncopated flow, and a space age production.

While on “Love You” the groovy bounce lets you feel the exuberance in every note Tre Digga spit as his voice grates and rasps. Standout moments on the mixtape, like the keening, pointed rhymes and emotional delivery of “Lite It Upp”, are common enough to make the full project worth a listen.

Rare moments like those on the funky bump of “Id Like 2 Know” prove Tre Digga’s potential as a rapper, songwriter, and especially a voice who’s refreshing in the current rap landscape. Tre’s delivery is urgent, uplifting and powerful. The chords to “I Don’t Got The Time” are dark and booming.

Tre flexes his gritty vocal ability a whole lot more than the previous tracks, while the production is very atmosphere focused. “She wants to fuck with me, but I ain’t got the time,” raps Tre Digga. The beat and the flow blend a compelling texture. Kudos all the way around on this track.

The production on “Gutta Wit It” is bursting at the seams with epic cinematic elements, while Tre Digga runs a persuasive flow alongside an abrasive tone. The whole thing sounds triumphant. “Country Bel Air” on the other hand, completely switches tone, as soulful jangly guitars and banging drums push an intense momentum and a laser sharp narrative with a powerful social twist. This track really showcases the type of production and vocal performance that Tre can deliver.

Tre’s ability to flow with almost any beat makes him versatile and will overall increase his longevity in the rap game. “All Day” finds Tre Digga immersed within a smooth and jazzy backdrop. With catchy choruses and verses seeing more vocal range from Tre, the song definitely gets your head nodding.

 Tre Digga cannot be stopped. Even with a global pandemic, the Canadian strives to be one of the hottest artists on the underground market. Taking extreme protective measures which are epitomized by the face mask he dons on the mixtape cover, Tre Digga is here to solidify his brand.

Connect with Tre Digga on INSTAGRAM , YOUTUBE and SPOTIFY, as well as all other platforms.

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