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Michael Kang is a recording artist and composer from the landscapes of Seoul in South Korea. Fresh on his musical journey, the Progressive Pop performer started out in 2018 by dropping his debut EP “Hello Winter, Goodbye Winter”. Melodically powerful, this recording is a good and quick play through with just 3 tracks. Just put it on and listen. Kang is a promising artist. He has a wonderful ear for melody and composition, as well as creativity and capacity. The opening track, “A Winter Ballad”, is evocative, and that is something you do not often see in pop music these days. It’s such a great, comforting, mellow and thoroughly lovable listen. Showcasing shimmering keys and harmonic voicings the music dances gently to the steady beat of the snare drum.

Some recordings just feel so good, so cool, you can’t help but feel good while listening to them, and this is one of those. Michael Kang is such an unpretentiousness artist that his purity of soul and intention shines through the compositions on “Hello Winter, Goodbye Winter”, especially on the opening song, which for me is the EP’s centerpiece.

“A Kind of Dance Song” is driven by a dominating piano motif and thick bassline, while version 2 of the song, which makes up the third track, adds more sonics and effects to the bouncy formula.

This is the kind of music that’s hard to put into words because it makes you feel in abstractions. Instrumental music vibes that command your entire presence and attention. With these meticulously curated concise pieces, Kang bestows a transcendental listening experience that sifts through astral planes from start to finish.

The foreground of Michael Kang’s songs contrast a dominating mellowness behind a subtly rising storm of ascending energy. There is no rush. No invasive dissonance. Just the savory melody that is made by keyboards casting delight into your ears.

Which is of course unusual for a composer and performer who has a predilection for the guitar. The instrument is nowhere to found on “Hello Winter, Goodbye Winter”, but Kang has promised that his future releases will definitely showcase this noble instrument.

Michael Kang’s music on this EP, creates a relaxed environment. Spacious, airy arrangements for intimate admiration. As usual with instrumental music one cannot put words to the Michael Kang experience because it is largely indescribable. The only way to truly understand it is to experience it.

Michael Kang is a work of serious merit from a newcomer both comfortable within his self-defined musical boundaries and eager to push against them in all possible directions as he moves forward. His ear for that intangible sonic space between steady chill and forward pop progression is also perceivable in his work.

Chalked up to a simple but deftly crafted, purposeful ambiance – “Hello Winter, Goodbye Winter” is a tranquil tapestry that serves as a 3-track starter pack, into the musical world of Michael Kang.


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