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Australian based, Taff Dawgz Entertainment artist, Sirpit, has built an impressive reputation during the last couple of years, adding a list of banging singles to his resume. Peeling back the layers of this man, audiences can find found Sirpit to be a novelty in the industry. In comparison to the microwavable talent breaking through recently, he is a breath of fresh air: a singer, songwriter, and a rapper with legitimate talent. Continuing his penchant for consistency, the artist has delivered his highly-anticipated single “Texture” which was written as an ode to a girlfriend. But what’s next for someone that has continually shown improvement time and time again? If you ask, Sirpit would probably profess, “The pen game is definitely going all the way up.” Throughout his brief but trailblazing career, we’ve come to understand that he can churn out ear-catching tracks for all audiences with ease.

“Texture” is a stunning example. While romantic intricacies is not a story we haven’t heard before in music – Sirpit somehow maneuvers all the right pieces in place to make it an undeniable hit-sounding track for the new generation. Infectious beat? Check. Charming lyrics that are easy to digest? Check. Edge things up a bit with hard-hitting bars and balance it out with a soulful melodic hook? Check.

But even while focused on placing something that could sit on the mainstream charts, Sirpit does an amazing job at not making the music feel or sound forced. He has one of those voices that is instantly recognizable upon hearing it. His melodies have always been ear worms but here they inch their way into your memory just a little further on “Texture”.

Sonically speaking, “Texture” is one of Sirpit’s strongest single projects to come out so far. Borrowing from this millennium’s R&B influences to electronic soundscapes and trap elements, CashMoneyAp x River Beats have created a solid beat.

Thus Sirpit has been able to create a single, with a set of eclectic influences which catapults the genre higher, giving it a ninth life. Sirpit’s narrative, coupled with his dreamy melodic confections, is crafted like delicious diary entries giving their listener a taste of his slice of life. Every bite is sweet, and as the record plays it will leave you salivating for more.

Listening to this new generation of Hip-hop, it’s clear that the genre has changed a lot over the last 10 years. Depending on which side of the spectrum you fall on, you might find it has become too R&B or EDM infiltrated, or you might be happy about the way it has now blended to the point of practically, perfectly blending in with those categories of music.

Either way, “Texture” confirms that Sirpit knows how to deliver a musical balance that the fans want. On that same note, it’s worth mentioning that Sirpit is an amazing collaborator who knows how to shine regardless of who or which beat he is sharing the spotlight with.


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