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Paris Unltd is a South African raised artist bringing his tongue-in-cheek sensibility to pop music. Having moved halfway across the world to pursue his post-secondary education, Paris now brings us his 2019 off right single “Murder Me!” The single is meant to be a cheeky response to feeling sorry for yourself due to unrequited love. The lyrics expound the emotions of lust, anger and pain with a fun beat that is sure to be the cure for any broken heart. This is a total ear-worm but with solid enough lyrics that you don’t mind if it’s trapped in your head for days. It has a big chorus that is impossible to get out of your head and is so much fun, you won’t want to get it out of your head.

Part of Paris Unltd’s charm as an artist is the simplicity of his music. He doesn’t try to overcomplicate “Murder Me!”, in order to impress people. Instead, he goes straight for the heart. This is Paris Unltd at his best, filling the song with personal anecdotes, highlighting his best qualities as a songwriter along the way.

The song is perfect for the starry-eyed hopeless romantic who is shell-shocked by unrequited love. It’s scathingly sharp, and twistingly simplifies feelings that humans can tend to have a habit of over-complicating and over-dramatizing in a situation that has already gone overboard.

Writing lighthearted pop seems to be where the singer-songwriter excels. He’s not going to let you overthink every word he puts in the song, because he has so perfectly unraveled the narrative for you.

It captures the simplicity of the ideal, true love of fairy tales – from your side at least – gone horribly bad, including all the bumps in the road that come with real life. “Murder Me!” includes poppy confessions that capture the feeling that you have for the now, despicable object of your undivided affection.

There is enough variety sonically in “Murder Me!” to keep you interested, and the beat is perfect for bouncing around the room too. Paris Unltd’s caustic vocal delivery resonates with power and melody. At the beginning, the groove is playfully established, providing an awesome foreshadow of the goodness to come. Once that groove is firmly established, well, it’s helluva infectious.

Paris Unltd’s enters in with an attitude, right from the start of song, and never lets up. He delivers clear lead vocals. The chorus section is catchy, with the other major selling points beyond the danceable, feel-good nature of this record.

Also, worth noting, are the lovely backing vocals, as well as a great bridge section which provides a nice change of pace. Love sure is a pretty powerful force. It can pull us away from the things we enjoy, or inspire us to achieve great things. On “Murder Me!” Paris Unltd cuttingly reminds us what the loss of love can provoke us into achieving!


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