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YHN Hammertime is a rap/hip-hop artist based in Washington DC. He often collaborates with fellow artists from the DC area. After a string of single releases, he has dropped his first official mixtape “Gang Meets Gang”. From the album comes the highly infectious single “Cash Out” along with its classy visual, now viewable on YouTube. With this album, YHN never seems to be trying to make one track for the thugs, one for the hip hop heads, one for the club, one for the backpackers, and one for the playas, etc. Although you could still attribute those labels to the album’s tracks, it appears to happen naturally, and that’s a novelty in a genre fine-tuned to harken to its audience. YHN’s style isn’t inherently druggy like many of rap’s modern kingpins, but it’s just as mesmerizing as he puts a couple joints for the ladies on there.

One of them being “Cash Out”. Here YHN Hammertime embraces the poetry-fueled cut for the ladies, and let’s be perfectly honest, he does a pretty great job of this crossover style: “I just wanna cash out on a bad bitch, because she ain’t average, disappear like magic.”

Listening to an artist like YHN embrace his emotions for the females is hardly a new thing, but his angle is so refreshing and determined. It’s a perfect glimpse as to what makes YHN so massively captivating; his ability to play on probable real-life scenarios in the driest way.

Many of us have been in a similar situation, at some time or other, but we all know it doesn’t (or it can’t) quite work out like that…at least not most of the time, for lack of resources, or courage  of intent. YHN fully finds his footing with the opposite sex, and the honesty in his rhymes reaches an admirable level of relatability as he shows us how to treat a lady.

His confidence and determination shines through. He is not only being empowered, but being himself, and that’s the most powerful feeling. The track is soulful, poppy and smooth, all at the same time, showcasing YHN Hammertime’s talents.

It’s good to hear YHN chasing his own creative highs, rather than someone else’s. Unlike his contemporaries, he doesn’t spend time mimicking somebody else’s bravado or getting lost in vague styles and sounds. He goes straight for the jugular with “Cash Out”, laying down a series of catchy, relatable lines over a sleekly banging beat.

The soulful snaps and harmonies of “Cash Out” perfectly shade some earworm rhymes, culminating in a gripping record tied up perfectly with a set of passionate choruses from YHN. This is a sonically pleasing, and lyrically endearing listen!


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