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Pops Jr. is an emcee who is obsessed with originality. With every verse he tries to push the limit of rap as we know it. The follow up to what’s been dubbed a project “full of soon-to-be certified classic underground tracks,” New Bag 2 is upon us!

Pops Jr. states that even though he grew up in the nineties, many of his huge influences comes by way of soul artistes from the 70s. At the age of 5 years old his father “Pop Heavenly” aka POPS, put him and his 4 older brothers in a rap group called the Heavenly Boyz. The group traveled coast to coast performing wherever their Pops could get a gig. No matter how much he steered his boys right the baby of the family had different plans.

At 16 Pops Jr. caught a murder case. “I was young and aggressive which led me to take a life early” says Pops Jr. His intent was only to rob but his aggression took it too far. “That’s when it all changed,” says Pops Jr. He thought his rap dreams were over. But prison ended up giving him the strength he needed. He did 11 years straight and was released at 27 with an insane passion.

He changed his name to Pops Jr in honor of his father POPS. “My dad’s legacy being honored means the world to me,” says Pops Jr. On July the 3rd Pops Jr. unveiled his album, “New Bag”, to the world. Now he is coming with New Bag 2!


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