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LA-based performer, PWJazy, is an unusual artist. His songwriting is soulful and the arrangements are mind blowing. His voice is a breath of fresh air with all of the nonsense that has been going on for years in the music scene. His singing has a distinctive tone that has not been auto tuned or fixed up in any other manner. “Heroes”, his latest single, is a really intriguing, diverse recording. I didn’t like it when I first heard it, but the uniquely experimental alternative rock sound, the bombastic lead guitars, and the dark, mysterious lyrics somehow fuse together to produce a strangely honest track, both emotional and uplifting in its way.

PWJazy seems to almost freestyle his lyrics into something that’s mesmerizing and uplifting. It’s magical, alchemical, haunting, original, and unique. PWJazy’s records jump from genre to genre with ease and it’s quite possible one could love his previous release, hate the following, and then adore whatever comes next.

Don’t let this fool you however because the song writing and performance found on his works is light-years ahead of anyone else in his field. PWJazy takes you on a bizarre journey to the faraway land that is the mind of an alternative creative.

PWJazy doesn’t fall into mainstream categories or logical song structure constraints –both in the production and execution of his music. On “Heroes” the music and the guitars are a couple of notches louder than the vocals, while the drums sit right at the back of the mix.

That’s about as far away from conventional production methods as it goes. But then as his music proves, PWJazy’s musical vision is purposely distant from the “tried and tested” cannon. Simple guitar chords accompany PWJazy’s spectacular vocal execution throughout the duration of the song to create an almost laid back alternative song, if it were not for the crashing guitars.

When PWJazy’s sings you can really tell he feels every word and whilst some lyrics may indeed be difficult to catch due to the volume levels, it’s impossible not to conjure up thoughts and feelings whilst listening to this track, which may lead to the reason “Heroes” never loses its appeal, it can be a soundtrack to your reflections if you so wish it to be.

The song is produced in such a manner that you feel like you are right there in the middle of the action, standing next to PWJazy as he goes through the motions, and at some point it makes you feel like you are part of it because it sounds so natural and raw.

Hearing PWJazy go over the mainstream edge this way brings thrill after visceral thrill as he chops, changes, and bangs his guitar with reckless abandon, showing what is possible when he nails the balance between the man and the music.  What we’ve got here with “Heroes”, is yet another worthy addition to PWJazy’s unusually tuned discography.



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