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YSR Gramz is a hip-hop artist from Beecher, MI, who is currently promoting his 15 track album, “Guwop Laflint”. The project promises a massive and hard-earned leap forward for the artist. When pressed, he’s a very good rapper, and the right selection of beats frames his words with a sense of importance. The album is also unapologetically hardcore and mean in places, as YSR Gramz lets his wicked tongue cut loose regularly. He also shows us that he is an album artist, not simply a singles rapper.

The album retains the mark of an artist who seems comfortable with himself. An artist who has found a way to make his spontaneously driven rhymes sound totally natural and is able to flex his voice in a way that makes him sound powerful.

The Michigan rapper trades in the puerile-styled punchlines of many of his contemporaries, for harder-hitting lyrics and powerhouse beats to bolster his sound. YSR Gramz sense of humor and hooky raps aren’t absent from these tracks, if fact he initiates the listening experience with the explicitly witty “Goat Shit” and “Fat Bastard”, but he’s clearly matured into a serious artist, and the hard-hitting “Reasons”, proves my point.

The momentum and the intensity winds itself up tight on “4 Gramz to Face” ft. Eightball Tank, which showcases rousing rhymes and clever wordplay. “Strap Yo Nuts On” comes with a bouncing beat and a nimble flow, as the expletives rain down unashamedly. This track affirms that YSR Gramz is just as good at delivering dirty talk over heavy beats.

“Wood” ft. Detwan Love and “Gucci of Da 810”, are equally effective, as YSR Gramz’s agile flow is his best weapon to distract you from his litany of risqué rhymes, all blurring together into a rubbery and enjoyable bounce.

YSR Gramz consistently produces music that reflects on both the demanding nature of the rap industry and his own hard work and struggle toward success. This much comes shining through on “Fuck Da Label” ft. KrispyLife Kidd, “Play Da Opps” ft. Sixward Von & KrispyLife Kidd, and YSR Records ft. Eightball Tank & Driveway Baby.

The album is filled with messages about YSR Gramz living life to his best ability, while his motivational rhymes are rapped with intense conviction. Even the most skeptical listeners will likely feel inspired by some of these tracks.

“Can’t Wait” ft. Pablo Skywalkin, pumps with a relentless beat and a breathless flow, while “Opps Cry” ft. Sixward Von, slides in on skittering hi-hats and catchy, mellifluous bars. Kasher Quon and Ysr Gramz go head to head on “WTF” in an adrenaline pumping exchange of bars.

Moving on towards the closing tracks “Alpo” ft. Don Perrion and “Vibes” ft. Solo Dreec, Ysr Gramz continues to flex his spitting muscles. Not only does Ysr Gramz provide the listener with storytelling imagery throughout “Guwop Laflint”, he’s showing you his talent as a rapper is nothing to f**k with. In a time where rappers seem to get more praise for playing hype-men, Ysr Gramz provides a flurry of fired-up bars.

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