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Deuce Grams is an aspiring recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Deuce began writing raps, poetry, and music since the third grade. He started recording his music in January 2016, and started producing beats shortly after. Deuce’s latest EP, “Stay Tuned” translates all of his energy into something extraordinary. Listen Up (prod. by Xani-Beats & Fatz)is the perfect way to start the audience off. It’s the track that helps warm us up for a new sound that we are about to experience. It’s indescribable. There have been few rappers, maybe Kid Cudi among them, who have mixed all of these spacey electronic sounds together to create something of this magnitude.

Deuce Grams
Deuce Grams

Dream Big (prod. by Lord Olo)” plays around with a soulful sound and retro samples that’s obviously been done before, but this type of song is literally hypnotizing. It is very reminiscent of CeeLo Green run through a food mixer. I’m telling you, this ain’t the typical rap project. You are in for a treat.

Passing Through (prod. by TrellGotWings) is a dope mixture of Deuce Grams’ strong rap skills with that mellow, jukebox type groove, ready to stir up emotions. He has an eclectic variety of beats, lyrics and flows, with just as much quantity as quality. Like Andre 3000, he sings and raps in all of his splendor on “Woke prod. by GIOVANNI SOUND

Deuce uses the mix of basic rapping to the fun of pop music, and I’m Gone Ft. De’Shawna (prod. by SwaggB) definitely hybrids those mixes into one pretty-damn-good composition.  Labeling artists as geniuses has become all too common and, for the most part, baseless these days. Once upon a time, being a professional musician was considered a career as opposed to a hobby to open the door for other avenues.

With this EP Deuce Grams seems to be already carving out his own lane before achieving any national attention. But then if you have catchy songs like “Listen Up (prod. by Xani-Beats & Fatz)” and “SINGLE (prod. by TheBeatPlug)” in your catalog, then it becomes easy.

Regardless of any preconceived notions, expectations or intentions you had for this kid. “Stay Tuned” is an intentional attempt designed to load the bases and bring in the crowds. And without stretching the artistic grasp of his songs too thin, Deuce Grams manages to get rooted in nearly every urban style he possibly can.

This EP is packed with something for Hip Hop, Pop and Trap music lovers alike. Unlike standard Hip Hop/Rap records Deuce’s lyrics are stylized and relatable cross culturally. Add to that his musical presentation and this recording is set to storm multiple genres.

Deuce Grams is modernizing a new trend of tasteful and edifying tunes, accomplishing the struggle of confronting the issues of creativity vs. mainstream head-on. He invites us to “Stay Tuned”, and explore his world of hip-hop which is like no other.


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