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Born in Timaru, Eddy Denim, born is a sheep shearer by trade. He grew up in a small town called Waimate on the south island of New Zealand. After a change in life circumstances he decided to turn to music and record some of the songs he had stored up. His album “Violet” tells the story of a dream, and flows through the emotions of that dream, moving from want, to desire, frustration, despair and finally finishing with realization. The overall theme is based on a true story of meeting a girl in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Not being able to recall the girl’s name, Eddy called her “Violet”, just as a visual memory to go on, as he set about finding her. With no leads and no luck he has been unsuccessful in his quest. In fact the final song on the album, “Finding Violet”, brushes on the possibility that Violet was only a dream and that the whole experience was just self-realization! “Real or not,” says Eddy, “the whole experience focused me on music, pushed me to record the album and essentially made me a better man!”

“Violet”, was one hundred percent self-funded, as Eddy saved money shearing sheep to pay for the recording. There could be simple comparisons to other alternative singer-songwriters, but comparisons don’t tell how artful “Violet” really is. What most artists would need an album full of screams to accomplish is simply summed up into a few verses by Eddy Denim.

Most of the time Eddy uses restraint to keep from taxing the listener, and does so in a way that keeps one reaching for the repeat button continuously. Listening to “Violet” once is almost impossible. In fact, it’s hard to listen to this album all the way through without skipping back.

“Short Time Friend” and “Mystifying” fall slap-bang into the middle of the album and are tracks on which Eddy turns up the energy and urgency levels somewhat. For the most part though he keeps it down-tempo and acoustic-driven. And the formula works best on standouts “My Hands” and “Conforming”, where the bare-boned arrangements hinge themselves securely on Eddy’s emotional vocal deliveries.

If you’re really interested in hearing a more intense and original acoustic sound, with just enough electrics to keep things varied, Eddy Denim is the artist you’ve been looking for.  This is a diverse collection of songs that will send your heart racing or will entrance you into a bittersweet, melancholic slumber.

There’s something in the melodies and lyrics that stirs all sorts of emotions, and you know it’s exactly what Eddy was feeling when he wrote and performed these songs. For a guy who structures his songs around fairly straightforward chord progressions, Eddy Denim is a hell of a songwriter. This album is undoubtedly, reflectively inspiring and could become the soundtrack of your everyday life. (Header image credit – Chris King Photography)


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