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Fluid is a rap artist repping the Bay Area, from Union City California. He got his start rapping in elementary school rapping his own original poem for a project and since then has been steadily climbing the ladder. Working with talented, sought-after producers like The Mekaniss and iconic hip hop acts such as Suga Free, Fluid has put a definite spark to his momentum and career. On August 7th 2021 the Fluid won 2 My Music Block TV Awards for Best Rap Video for “Right There”, and Best Hip-hop Single of 2021 for “Major Leaguez”. Fluid does something special with this latter track. He creates heavy crossover appeal to multiple styles.

Producer The Mekaniss, weaves an explosive fusion of hip-hop, rock, drill, and trap into the beat. Angular guitar riffs meet shimmering keys and cracking drums, while the whole track is full of incredible lyricist work by Fluid. The speed he spits on some sections in “Major Leaguez” is incredible. Even when saying the words at a breakneck speed, somehow Fluid manages to not mumble a single word.

Fluid has been putting in an insane amount of work over the course of the last few years with nary a stumble along the way. Big and bold the whole way through, “Major Leaguez” is yet another triumph from the artist. Though Fluid proves he’s a master of the flow and storytelling, songwriting is another one of the best attributes in his artistic arsenal. But at the end, his supreme confidence is what really dominates the single.

Fluid’s latest single, the award-winning “Major Leaguez”, may just be one of his finest releases.  It is lean, mean, and takes listeners back to a time when all that mattered was the music.  It’s Fluid at his best and won’t disappoint even the most discerning of technicians. Listeners are immediately transported to a dimension that hypnotizes and mesmerizes them simultaneously. It’s loaded with fiery flows, powerful orchestration, and lyrics that are simply hard-hitting.

Unlike most hip-hoppers and rappers of today’s music industry, Fluid recalls back to the old days of attitude and urgency. Fluid’s rhyme and lyrical delivery is more than just effective; it’s often what moves the song along. “Major Leaguez”, thrusts Fluid’s lyrical ability into the spotlight, using the hard-nosed beat and back-up guitars as supports to push the song even further.

Every song in Fluid’s catalog is extremely distinct, and offers something unique in its own right, and “Major Leaguez” falls in line with that unwritten rule. At this point, Fluid is showing his fans that he appreciates all types of music, as he moves from his G-Funk base into other stylistic areas, with effortless ease. “Major Leaguez” is so technical that it will take multiple listens to fully digest the lyrics and to even understand the music for that matter. It’s what sets this cut apart.

After listening to “Major Leaguez” all the way through, I found myself wanting to start it over and hear it all again. So the bottom line is that Fluid is very different from many of the rappers you’re listening to today. Whether it’s in lyrical themes, beats, flow, or vocal approach, Fluid always has something in every aspect that makes him unique.


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