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I like Shirena Parker; she’s easily one of the most engaging singers in the independent Pop, R&B, Hip-hop and Soul scene, full stop. Her latest haunting single, “Blind”, is exactly what fans expect her to kick in the door with, as she turns in another flawless performance. From the songwriting to the singing to the performance to the insight to the execution of that insight – I literally love everything about this project. Her voice nails so much of the detail in ways that paint such vivid pictures. Let’s talk about Shirena Parker’s voice real quick, and what she is able to do with it, to perfectly lock into the right emotion needed for the task at hand. Her voice is big, but she is able to tread so lightly where need be, to evoke an emotion that literally taps into exactly how you think you should feel about this song.

Although Shirena Parker’s catalogue has been consistently soul-baring, clever and deep, “Blind” possesses an even sharper edge of maturity. It’s a subtly cinematic, emotional, and ultimately gorgeous track. “Blind” is a provocative return for Shirena that showcases her incredible knack for storytelling. She gives dimension and voice to women who are all too frequently misunderstood, and need more tangible reassurance and honesty in their lives. Her direct approach to songwriting underscores the urgency and honesty of her feelings here.

Shirena’s aim is to remind us that the human experience is inherently confusing – and often contradictory – as she sings: “…still everyday he says that love is blind – but baby that don’t feel right.”

The music is soft yet powerful, and the adlibbed hook gives the song instant replay value, highlighted by Shirena Parker’s sultry and haunting voice. Initially the strong message gets somewhat covered up in how beautifully the track is constructed and performed, which is only a compliment.

Some of the best songs have the ability to capture the mood and era it comes from perfectly. Some of those songs allow the listener to easily visualize the view of the artist performing the music. Shirena Parker’s has been able to do both with the composition and delivery of this stellar track. There is no need for gimmicks in “Blind”.  The soulfulness and strong themes of love, desire, confusion and vulnerability allows any listener to comprehend the song’s core, and appreciate its process.

“Blind” launches the star of an amazing artist. Few within her genre can compete with the rare unadulterated affection of the songstress’ voice. The setup throughout “Blind” is enchanting and refreshingly told.

What is most impressive about Shirena Parker’s talent and persona is the fact that she has the uncanny ability to allow her voice to make anything flourish to life without as much as raising a sweat. Shirena has gifted us with a new single that’s terrific in its seeming simplicity. If “Blind” is a clue as to what’s in store from Shirena Parker for the rest of 2021, we’re sure to be in for a treat.

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