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Currently working on his EP “Airplane Mode”, Krystian Komiago known as @prodby_ksk is a music producer living in Gdańsk, Poland. His concept for the project is bringing together artists from across the world in a globally appealing aesthetic that combines hip-hop, electronic and pop flavors, while at the same time transcending genre boxes. The lead single “One Take”, launches @prodby_ksk’s challenge in a bold and convincing way. Combining English and Italian verses, the track features Grossover, KEL, Zzzleepy Monroe, and Hoodstar Dreamz, who put together an intoxicating collaboration over a banging beat.

“One Take” embarks listeners on one of the most action-packed, adventurous experiences that new singles had to offer this year so far. The back and forth of male to female vocals ,and then the flipping between languages, as well as the switching between straight rapped bars and melodic hooks makes this song one of kind in the current marketplace. This project exhales confidence right from the start.

Producer @prodby_ksk

Carrying this track on his back with a natural sonic charisma, producer @prodby_ksk has a clear and focused idea of what he is trying to achieve musically with “One Take”, and the upcoming EP. The sleek, hip-hop-influenced sounds of the producer’s palette cannot be shackled to time, because he is a forward thinker. He mixes shimmering guitars, slapping momentum-pushing drums, and trap-styled hi-hats, in a warm and inviting blend.

“One Take” is an evolution of musical progression that blends a diversity of styles into a brilliant cohesive body of music. @prodby_ksk’s virtuoso ability to craft drum tracks with depth and character, is the first thing you notice in the production. Choosing to color beyond the lines and create what others haven’t heard, shows that the producer is keen to avoid artistic restraint when it comes to producing a beat.

That of course doesn’t mean that he throws the entire kitchen sink into the mix. On the contrary, he keeps things tight and lean, choosing only the essential instruments that serve the song. He allows enough space for Grossover, KEL, Zzzleepy Monroe, and Hoodstar Dreamz, to comfortably execute their performances. The voices here are fundamental in creating the song’s global sound, so @prodby_ksk’s makes sure they are heard clearly.

@prodby_ksk’s allows each of their vocals to shine and dictate the momentum of the instrumental. Resulting in a lush song that perfectly blends together, showcasing the chemistry between the producer and the artists. Grossover, KEL, Zzzleepy Monroe, and Hoodstar Dreamz give inspiring vocal performances. They all sound personal and involved in the song, delivering lyrics with lingering emotions that bring listeners to places found in intimate memories between love and loss.

“One Take” ft. Grossover, KEL, Zzzleepy Monroe, and Hoodstar Dreamz is a captivating mix of rhythm, style, and tone. From the moment you press play you will be blown away with it’s all-embracing soulful sound.  For me, over and above the great production work, its the constant blending of different vocal styles and languages that makes this project so thoroughly enjoyable and special in 2022.



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