The Static Dynamic: “Late Season” beautifully balances substance with catchy!

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The Static Dynamic is Jess Collins – (Vocals/Keys), Steph Curran – (Guitar/Programming), Mark Avery – (Bass) and Kyle Burkert – (Drums). Originally formed in 2007 by Jess (Petty Morals/Mellow Bravo), and Steph (Marianas/Goddess of My Religion), they released a record, performed regionally and then took a hiatus. Fast forward to 2013, a new incarnation of The Static Dynamic was born and work on new material began. The band’s first single “Relentless” made its debut in the fall of 2014 and was followed up by the single, “Spotlight”, released in the spring of 2015. The Static Dynamic has just released their first EP titled “Late Season” which was recorded by Sean McLaughlin, and produced by McLaughlin together with Steph Curran and mixed by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East.

The EP cover artwork
The EP cover artwork

The Static Dynamic are another band where it’s hard to pinpoint just exactly what it is that makes them sound different or special, but that something is most definitely there. Sure it’s marginally metallic; it’s most definitely post rock. It’s big and brooding, dark and slightly melancholy, the guitar sounds are thick, the keyboards rolling and sprawling, the drums powerful and propulsive, and the vocals emotional and soaring, but each one of those parts is transformed by the way they are assembled – the arrangements and the songwriting, imbue each of those elements with extra emotion, extra power – which makes the heavy parts that much more impacting, the ambient parts that much more spacey and drifty, and the gloomy parts that much darker.

The Static Dynamic has created a truly epic 3-song post-rock experience with “Late Season”. It’ll take you soaring over a sonic soundscape that you will never forget. And even after you have been impressed by the instrumentals and vocals on “Magnetic Tides”, “Sunrise” and “Blue Sky”, you will discover that the atmosphere in all of these songs is absolutely unmatched by any other band on earth. Every track has its own compelling melodic buildup, emotional climax and sense of restrained urgency. Every second gives you something to explore, and having listened to these songs under a variety of different circumstances they afford new pleasures each time.

The Static Dynamic
The Static Dynamic

Yet underneath all of this sometimes beautiful, sometimes thundering, musical substance, lies a distinct alt-pop sensibility. This could possibly be attributed to the ear-satisfying chord progressions, the intoxicating piano sounds and the catchy vocal choruses. The three songs on this EP are without a doubt some of the best songwriting I’ve heard, balancing substance with catchy, it has the perfect flow and fit, setting the emotional stage for the gorgeous melodies so powerfully sung.

The songs start strong and hook you hard and fast. On “Late Season” this band gets a lot done in a short time. The songs on here evoke a lot of emotions and do so in very nice progressions. I would imagine that The Static Dynamic will find fans in people who like a multitude of different music genres – very solid effort, and very moving music!


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